Servicing Car Tyres

When should I use a car repair service?

The most obvious answer to this would be when you notice the bright flashing warning light on your dashboard, but should you really leave it until the last minute?

Caring for your car saves money!

Servicing your car on a regular basis or at least once a year can potentially save you a fortune in the long run. Any problems or issues that are recognised early are generally cheaper to fix, plus it will increase the lifespan of your can and when it comes to selling your car, you should get a better deal if it is in good condition.

Don’t ignore dashboard messages

If you’ve got a luxury car such as a BMW or Mercedes, the chances are that your car will let you know when there is something not right with it. The dashboard warning messages can range from, issues with the engine, oil, tyre pressures etc. See our blog article here on the top reasons why your BMW check engine light will come on.

The car owners manual will be able to explain what each of the warning lights means and what you need to do about it.

The best advice is to get it checked out straight away with your specialist garage, especially before you decide to take the car on a long journey drive.

Missing service appointments

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be quite tempting to skip your annual car servicing appointment. But with skipping services you may end up with a few larger bills later on. We all know replacing parts is far more expensive than a general service. Failing to maintain and service parts can cause excessive wear and tear, which you may have to repair, resulting with much larger invoices!

Care for your tyres

We believe looking after your tyres is the most important part of your car servicing plan. Tyres in poor conditions are in a high risk of losing traction in poor weather conditions and can potentially cause a crash. You never can predict the weather, especially as we are getting close to winter, so make you’re your tyres fit the required standard for your car.

The general rule is, if you have just bought a new car ideally you should be servicing your car as often as it recommends in the owners manual, and for older cars, you need to have at least an oil and filter change every 6 months of every 10,000 miles.