BWM Facts

Fascinating facts about BMW you didn’t know about!

Last year, BMW sold more than two million cars around the world, achieving a new full-year sales record and making it one of the most premium luxury sports cars available.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past century, BMW is one of the most respected German automobile manufacturing companies to date. Founded in 1916, Munich, BMW has evolved dramatically over the years, providing sophisticated engineering with state of the art technology, to give drivers the optimal driving pleasure.

But how well do you really know the BMW brand?

Well, you’re in luck as not only do we specialise in offering the best BMW servicing in Leicester, we also have a few interesting facts we’d like to share about BMW that you probably didn’t know already!


1. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke

…Or in English, Bavarian Motor Works


2. The BMW logo colors represent Bavaria

BMW Logo

BMW Logo

There’s been an on going theory that the logo colors represents a propeller as BMW began as a company that made engines for aeroplanes, however, in fact, the logo represents the blue and white flag of Bavaria, the federal state in Germany.


3. BMW created its first electric car decades ago

You may think electric cars are modern technology, however, the concept of an electric car is quite old. BMW built their first electric vehicle, the 1602e back in 1972. Unfortunately, it never made it to the market. The car could only travel 37 miles on a single charge, therefore the overall project wasn’t considered to be a huge success. 



4. BMW manufactured the world fastest motorcycle

BMW Motorcycle

BMW Motorcycle

In 1937, BMW built an aerodynamic motorcycle that hit speeds up to 173.7 miles per hour.


5. The Dixi was the first car made by BMW

In 1928, BMW gave birth to their first car known as the Dixi, thankfully the name was dropped and changed to DA-1. The Dixi reached a top speed of 75mph which was considered pretty fast as the car only has 15 bhp. The mileage on the car was also very economical giving 51 miles per gallon. 


6. Front signature Grille on a BMW is known as a kidney grille.

BMW Grille

BMW Grille

The first kidney shaped grille made its debut in 1933 on a BMW 303.


7. Prepare yourself for this one – BMW was almost devoured by Mercedes

The post-war era was a difficult time, especially for the German automotive industry. One of the most troubled companies was BMW. In 1959 BMW neared bankruptcy and was almost taken over by Mercedes, however, BMW pulled back as they found a private investor, Herbert Quandt – a German industrialist, who saw potential in the company and knew they could be huge one day. 


8. BMW HQ mirrors the iconic 4-cylinder engine

BMW HQ - Germany

BMW HQ – Germany

The BMW headquarters in Germany is a very interesting building that mirrors the 4 cylinders of a car engine. The tower was completed in 1972, just in time for the Olympics. The 4-Cycle engine is also the same technology that went into the legendary fighter pilot, Red Baron – The greatest engine in WWI. 

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