7 Things You Probably didn’t know to Check Before You Service Your Mini

Here at Auto Technik, we often get asked by many customers who seek a mini servicing assistance on what they can do to help maintain a healthy car before it is due an MOT or service. This is actually an interesting question and is one that is often under-utilised by many. In so many situations, we see people endlessly cleaning their cars until they are spotless. Now the same people will tend to neglect the performance and maintenance of the car beyond the exterior. If a car does not perform to its optimum, then it can be a sparse activity in trying to make it stand out within the neighborhood! But help is at hand, as we have compiled a list of tasks that you can carry out that will the your Mini more than you realize! The following steps will provide a detailed account of what you can do beyond your car’s servicing.

Tyre Pressure and tread

It is wise to check your tyres at least once per month, or even more frequently if you spend a lot of time on the road. If you do not know the correct tyre pressure for your Mini, then use this resource as your guide. It is not only wise to check your tyres from your own standpoint, but also from a legal one. If the tread on your tyres is looking thin, then we can identify for this for you within our servicing function. http://www.puretyre.co.uk/mini-tyre-pressures/

Make sure you check your tyres

Water Levels

Be sure to check your water levels. Our recommendation again is to check this every fortnight. It doesn’t take much effort to check your water levels and can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long term if you do. We also recommend checking your water levels when the engine is cold.

Checking on Mini Water Levels

Engine Oil

Just as with your water levels, be sure to check your engine oil levels at least once per fortnight. Be careful not to overload the engine with water either as this can cause the engine to malfunction. If you are not sure of how much to add, call us now on 01455 698481 and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

Checking your Mini's oil level


It is best practice to check your lights weekly – How you do this is by physically switching them on/off where you can confirm that they work, as they should. This also helps you to see if any lights become dim so you can then plan ahead and replace them accordingly. Also be sure to check your indicators, brake lights, reverse lights and fog lights.


Wiper blades can become worn and dated when you least expect them too. They are probably the most identifiable too when it comes to replacing them, as you can physically hear them struggling to perform! We recommend changing your wipers at least once a year as best practice, as you do not want to reduce your visibility in anyway during the winter months.


 A windscreen chip or crack is probably the most overlooked thing when it comes to your car. Many of us are probably guilty of delaying the process of repair for this as it doesn’t look like it will cause major damage. However, if a chip is left unlooked at for too long, then that little chip may actually be enough to cause serious damage to your windscreen – especially in the winter. Make sure you fix any chips or minor cracks that you have sooner rather than later. Your car insurance should cover you for all windscreen chips/cracks. Its worth looking over your insurance documents to see if you are eligible.

Checking Car’s Handling

If you have followed all of the steps above, then this should put you in good stead when you are on the road and to get through your next MOT. However, if you find that when you are driving that your steering wheel begins to feel slightly looser and the car in general feels as if its loosing control more than before, than its possible that the car has an underlying problem that will need attention. If this is the case, then do not delay, call us today and we will be happy to put our years of experience and craftsmanship into making sure your Mini keeps giving you the best driving experience!

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